• Charles Moore

Come On In:

Updated: Apr 25

What we’re looking at here is the archway that my dad built many years ago. He built it going between the road out front of their home and the front yard leading toward the house. It has quite a few years on it but it still stands along with it’s meaning. I could not tell you how many family and friends have walked through this archway over the years. Anyone was welcomed to come through to visit and that’s just the way mom and dad was. Both mom and dad are in Heaven now and how we miss them so. Sometimes I see this archway as a escape from the from the hustle and bustle outside to the peacefulness inside.

Folks, thats what God has also done for you and me. He has made a way for us to get off this worldly road we’re on one day and go and be with Him. And not only so but many of our loved ones await us up there as well. It’s as though the Gates of Heaven are shouting our names to enter through. God has made a way through His Son Jesus on the Cross. Have you accepted the invitation to come in off the broad road and find peace? I hope so and if not... well the way is still open after all this time. Call on Him today. May God Bless!!

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