• Charles Moore


If their is ever a time out hearts have been challenged, it is now. How many times have you heard it said just to “follow your heart.” The Bible says to train up a child in the way they should go and when they are old they won’t depart from it. That doesn’t mean they will never make mistakes but it does mean they won’t forget what you taught them whether they fall or not. One thing YOU learn about your children is that they don’t forget too much. They do listen even if they may not speak. That’s why we need to guard them from what life might do to harm them. Most of us know that life is a challenge as adults. Try to remember when your were a child and could not understand why something took place around you, yet you couldn’t stop it even though you knew it was wrong. It is because you were taught better than that. With all that’s going on in our nation alone, it’s a wonder we can keep anything straight in our minds let alone our hearts. Yes, we are daily confronted with challenges but God is bigger than them all. God has never met a challenge that He could not overcome. You can depend on Him. Yes, you can depend on the Lord Jesus. Come before Him as a child. He’ll listen to you. May God bless!!

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