• Charles Moore

Birthing Pains

Just a couple of days ago my son and daughte-in-law gave birth to an almost nine pound baby boy. She had gone through many hours of labor and was so close to delivery yet the choice was made to do a cesarean section. Sometime before the birth I had made a call to my son while he was with her. While talking to him I could hear her painful moans in the background as her pains had elevated to a substantial level. I felt so bad for her as all of us did as she labored through her pain. As I thought on that event perhaps a couple of days later, the Lord gave me a spiritual truth I’d like to share. Each and every one of us who are alive have been birthed into this world in lieu of the birth pains of our biological mother. And having said that... let us just imagine even a fraction of the pain our mother endured to birth into this life. The birth of a child is described as the closest to death a person could go. Did you know that Christ suffered a humiliating death on the cross of calvary near

ly 2000 years ago so that you can have the chance to be birthed into the family of God. I believe it was Isaiah who said it best; “He was marred more than any man.” He did not just come close to death, but He died a death that day so that you and I could have a new life by being birthed into the family of God. Thank you to all the mothers out there whose pain brought life into this world. But let me thank the Lord Jesus for the pain He suffered on the cross of Calvary nearly 2000 years ago so that I could have life and to have it even more abundantly. May God bless you all

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