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Be Faithful:

"Being Faithful When Things Seem Unfair" charlie moore 2017 #4

I was recently doing some reading in scripture from the book of Genesis 29-31. It is here in Haran where Jacob met Rachel. The bible says in Genesis 29:17 that Rachel was beautiful and well favored. That same verse tells us that Rachel had a sister by the name of Leah who was tender eyed. Leah was the eldest and Rachel was the younger of the two. Rachel's father Laban knew that Jacob loved Rachel and told him if he wished to marry Rachel, that he would have to work for him 7 years. Jacob agreed to the terms of Rachel's father because he loved Rachel. After the 7 years were completed Jacob thinking that he would have Rachel as his wife, but because the custom of the day which said that the older daughter was to marry first, Jacob had to marry Leah. So once again Laban tells Jacob that he would have to work for him another 7 years for Rachel (again) if he wished to marry her. Because he loved Rachel so much, he worked another 7 years and Rachel became his wife. Fourteen years Jacob worked so he could have Rachel for his wife. Jacob was faithful for so long while Laban was working against him. Jacob even worked another 6 years for the animals he received from Laban. This was a total of 20 years of faithful service that Jacob gave Laban. Jacob had no way of knowing that Laban would have been the way he was. I'm sure Jacob had gotten to the point where he probably had trouble trusting what Laban had to say about anything. Christian, listen to me here please if you would. We who are truly saved by God's Amazing Grace ought to know that this world means us harm. The world wants everything they can from us and it's only as we are faithful to the cause of Christ, even if things seem so unfair, that we'll see that God has been there all the time. God will not let you down. We may not see what is coming our way in this life, but God sees every point that we don't. My thought to you is simply this: "Be Faithful To The Lord Even When Things Seem Unfair." God Knows All things!


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