• Charles Moore

Armored Up:

Every battle has a weapon, and in that battle, every weapon has its purpose. The same is true when you consider the Christian walk, in that, every spiritual battle needs a spiritual weapon, and every spiritual weapon must have a spiritual purpose. Most everyone who knows anything about the Bible, knows the story of David and Goliath. How the young shepherd boy, used of God, took down one of the biggest enemies of Israel when he killed the great giant Goliath. But what’s so interesting about this story is that before the battle, King Saul tried to get little David to wear Saul’s own armor. When you read the scripture you find that David had trouble wearing it because it was so big and of course David probably was not trained to use that equipment. I like what one preacher said must have been David’s response to Saul, “David said he was having trouble using Sauls armour because it got in the way of his slingshot“... Folks, you and I as soldiers of the cross are a one of a kind. God has a place for you. God has a weapon just for you to use against the devil. Do as David of old did and put God first and you’ll be taken care of and so will your enemies. David used a slingshot and at the end he used the enemy’s sword to finish the job. What has the Lord given you and will you have faith in God. I say..... HAVE FAITH IN GOD!!! May God bless!

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