• Charles Moore

Are You “Rapture” ready?

Their is an excitement in my heart as I think that this could be the day Jesus returns for His Church. Nothing is left to be fulfilled according to Scripture except the Rapture of the Church itself. Yet in the midst of my excitement is an ever growing sadness for those ones who know not the Lord as personal Savior of their lives and will be left behind as witnesses of the Tribulation Period. When we look back over the last several months around the world, we see what a pandemic with a 90 some % survival rate can do to change the normality of life as we know it. Needless to say it has not turned out well. Yet what we have witnessed through all of this is nothing compared to what will be during the Tribulation Period. Folks, we need to be ready when Jesus returns to receive His Church. Have you asked Jesus to forgive you of your sins and come into your heart? No better time than today to get things right with God. Perhaps you are saved and have things between you and the Savior that ought not be there. We serve a God of a second chance, so let’s make it right today. Jesus could return today, are we ready if He does? Today is the acceptable time for Salvation. Turn to Him today as He is waiting for you.

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