• Charles Moore

An Unexpected Home-going:

Updated: Aug 2, 2020

There is a gospel song by Dottie Rambo with these words that go somewhat like this"the grave seems so final and cold." How our hearts grieve with an unexplainable hurt when someone is taken from us whether it is a family member or a close friend. As our hearts are forced to grasp the pain of death, let us also grasp the promise of God that says someday soon we'll be meeting again on the other side of Heaven. We don't understand why God has chosen to work this way but even in the midst of all the pain, we can be assured that God has a purpose in the making. I can remember once listening to our friend as she played on the piano one Sunday morning this song "Blessed Redeemer." I just sat there with my eyes closed, listening, and thinking about the many times my mother sing that song and what a wonderful God we have to have sent His Son Jesus to die for us. I told her that morning what a blessing that song was to me. Yes, the grave does seem so final and cold indeed, but for we who are of the Family of God I Say "Oh What A Promise!!" Look Up Children for we are soon to be headed upward to meet our family and friends again. Are you ready to meet the Lord when He calls whether through death or perhaps the Rapture of the church? I hope that you are ready to meet Him. May God Bless!!

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