• Charles Moore

After All This Time:

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

I was reminded of the creation when God said "Let it be" and is was. It took the Lord six days to create everything that was made and resting on the seventh. Just six days to make the earth, the heavens, the moon and the stars with all those planets and everything that was made, and God did it. And after He finished, He looked at all that was created and saw that it was good in His sight. No flaws and no sin for all was perfect. What a Great Big Wonderful God we serve! I'm honored to call him my Heavenly Father today and hope you can do the same. Unfortunately, with man it didn't take long to lose all the glories of God's creation because of sin. Man had a choice to follow God completely but instead listened to the lies of the devil and fell straightway into sin. It's been six thousand years and man still listens to that stinkin rascal the devil. After six thousand years you would think that man would learn, but when sin entered the world it became the nature of man. Man cannot separate his own self from sin for only Jesus can separate us from sin's nature. After all this time sin is more wicked than it's ever been and just gets worse. Are you looking for peace and happiness in this world? It's only found through the Lord Jesus coming into your heart. Ask Him today and be saved.

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