• Charles Moore

A Workman That Need Not Be Ashamed:

There was a time that in order to discover what the Bible said about a certain matter, you would have to read it for yourself. There was a time when technology was not as it is now and you would have had to find in it scripture for yourself. Now, with every tool in hand to prevent you from picking up the Bible, you can speak to Alexa and she will read out loud what you want to hear from scripture. I began to take a hard look at myself only to find out I was caught up in it as well. Some might say that nothing is wrong with this as long as you hear the Word of God, but nothing is as sweet as holding the precious Word of God in your hand and reading it for yourself. Sometimes I like to bring the pages of scripture to my nose just to smell the sweet aroma it gives. Rest assured that God is pleased with the worn pages of His Own Word. May God Bless!!

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